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North Tampa Aquatics is a USA Sanctioned Swimming Team and provides competitive and developmental options for the beginner to advanced swimmer. If you have any questions or would like more detailed information, please email our Aquatics Director, Nicole Helmen-Hendricks.

North Tampa Aquatics: Training Philosophy

NTA takes a long-term athlete development (LTAD) view of swimming; seeing the swimmer’s career as an endurance event, not a sprint. North Tampa Aquatics recognizes that each of our swimmers must learn good stroke technique at every stage of their development. We believe that swimming correctly needs to be taught before athletes move on to training. Over time we have found that swimmers who learn better stroke technique at an early stage, will inherently swim faster and smarter races. 

At the developmental level, basic technique, kicking and learning about the sport are most important. Our coaches are trained to give feedback at these levels and be patient about a swimmer’s progress. All strokes are stressed throughout all levels. We consider our team to be IM (individual medley) oriented which will give the swimmers the best possible chance for success as they move through their swimming career. Coaches stress the ownership of the athlete in the process of their improvement and achievement. Concepts of intrinsic feedback are introduced; along with goal setting, accountability and a vision for the future of their swimming.

Naturally, year-round swimming will improve swimming ability, but it will also carry over to other aspects of an athlete’s life. Swimmers will take the listening, discipline, organization, work ethic, time management and goal setting skills they will learn in our program with them to the classroom and into adulthood. In addition, swimmers learn to handle successes and failures which creates resilience, sportsmanship and self-confidence.

North Tampa Aquatics has a variety of programs to help all levels of swimmers meet their goals. From swim lessons, competitive swimming and our master’s swim program, our instructors and coaches can teach athletes how to swim and then help them excel to the highest levels. Through the sport of swimming, we strive to develop the character, skills, sportsmanship and desire necessary for each swimmer to maximize his or her potential.

Cheval Golf & Athletic Club Membership

All members of NTA will need to obtain a membership to Cheval Golf & Athletic Club to participate at any level. Memberships begin as low as $30/month plus tax. Membership will be billed through Cheval on the first of each month. Please see a membership representative for more information.

NTA Swim Fees

Monthly NTA fees are billed on the first of the month through Team Unify. Payments are accepted by credit/debit card/ACH. All monthly fees include dry land and in water instruction. Additional fees (equipment, meets, outfitting, etc.) will be incurred.

Level/ Monthly Price*

Senior Competitive (13 & Older) – $85.00

Junior Competitive (12 & Under) – $70.00

Developmental 1 – $45.00

Developmental 2 – $45.00

*If paying by credit card, there will be a $10 convenience fee applied to every transaction (Team Unify & Cheval membership)*

Sibling discounts will be applied as follows:

1st child: No Discount

2nd child: $5.00 off monthly team dues

3rd child: $10.00 off monthly team dues

4 or more: $15.00 off monthly team dues

Contact Us

Please email Aquatics Director, Nicole Helmen-Hendricks or call 813-279-5122 for more information.

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